I've Joined ten24 Web!

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Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything here. Lots of things have been going on in my life which has effectively deep-sixed by blogging (not that I've ever been that prolific). But on with the subject of this particular blog post. Those of you who I talked to at cfObjective already know about this, but the big news in my life is that I'm now officially an Application Developer for ten24 Web Solutions!

I'd actually been doing a bit of contracting for them these last few months, doing a bit of work on Slatwall, an soon-to-be-released e-commerce plugin for Mura CMS. I've really enjoyed working with the team at ten24 (as well Greg Moser, Slatwall's originator). So when they offered me a full-time position with the company, it was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. They've got such a knowledgeable and passionate team and are just great all around people. Not only that, but one of ten24's main development platforms is Mura CMS, and anyone in the CF community who knows me knows what a big Mura-head I am. So it was just a great fit.

I'm really excited about this new stage of my career. I'm sensing a lot of great stuff coming from us at ten24, so everyone better look out!


8 responses to “I've Joined ten24 Web!”

  1. Malcolm O'Keeffe Says:
    Congratulations on your new career move, Tony! ten24 is a great group of people, and Slatwall has amazing promise. Can't wait to see what you guys do together.
  2. David Crouch Says:

    Great to have you on board! I am really looking forward to doing some great things with the team we have at ten24!
  3. Tom Mollerus Says:
    Congratulations, Tony! You made the leap to full-time! Doing what you love, this should be a long and fruitful career for you.
  4. Nathan Strutz Says:
    Yawn, old news. Nah I'm just kidding :) Congrats again!
  5. Steve Bryant Says:
    Congratulations, Tony! Looks like a great place to work.

    It was also really nice meeting you in person at the conference.
  6. Glyn Jackson Says:
    Congratulations Tony, I have been following you and Gregs work on Slatwall, you all seem to have been working very hard, so no surprise. Hopefully some cool things in the pipeline then. :)
  7. Tony Garcia Says:
    Thanks a lot, guys. (And it was great meeting you in person, too, Nathan and Steve!)
  8. bensionka Says:
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